It is a good idea to grit your driveway to stop ice from forming, but if you forget to do this or you run out of grit, then you will need to remove the snow and ice with snow shovels and brushes.

Safety First

Snow clearing can be a time-consuming job, and you should put safety first when you do it. Wrap up warm and make sure you are wearing gloves and sturdy boots before you start work. Try to warm up a little, stretching out your muscles so that you don't get injured if you are moving a lot of snow.

Take care not to over-exert yourself and make sure you take frequent breaks, especially if you are normally sedentary. Continuous intense physical activity in cold weather can be harmful to your health.

Apply a little wax to the blade of your shovel so that snow does not stick to it - this wax could be car wax or candle wax, or even a touch of cooking oil spray. All you want here is to make the snow slip off the shovel easily.

Clearing Around Your Car

If you have a car parked in the driveway you can save yourself some time when snow shovelling by clearing a path to the driver's side door. Get in your car and turn on the front and rear defrosting mechanisms, then turn the heat on full blast. Leave the car running so that it has some time to warm up.

You will be able to get a nice clear car quickly and easily because the windows will warm up, making it easier to remove the snow and ice. As the car warms up it will blow out warm air from the exhaust, which will make it easier to remove the snow at the rear of the car, and will also help to keep you warm while you do it.

Plan Ahead

Try to plan ahead before you start clearing snow. If you need to get into the car, clear that snow along the way instead of trampling it down by walking to the car first. Loosely packed, fresh snow is much easier to clear than trampled snow.

If you live in an area where a snow plough passes through, avoid shovelling the area where your drive and the street meet. The snow ploughs will cause snow to pile up in this area, so you should leave clearing it until you are ready to move your car.

Shovelling snow can be hard work, but if you are well prepared, dressed appropriately and work to a sensible plan then the job will be much easier for you.