1. Winter Driving Kits:

A pre-designed winter driving kit is a must-have for any motorist. These kits contain everything you need such as hand warmers, de-icing salt, frost covers, screen wash and other tools that will help you to defrost your car so that you can continue with your daily journeys.

2. De-icer / Scraper

You will need a scraper so that you can quickly and easily clear ice, snow, water and condensation from your windscreen. De-icer can deal with ice or snow more quickly so it can be useful to keep both to hand.

3. Anti-freeze

Top up your car with antifreeze as soon as the weather starts getting cold, and make sure to keep some extra on hand, just in case your fluid levels get low during the winter months.

4. Snow Shovel

A small snow shovel will most likely come in very useful during the winter months. Most people have a shovel in their home, which is useful for clearing snow from their driveway, but what if you find yourself snowed in when you visit friends and family that don't drive? Or if you get stuck in an out-of-the-way, untended car park. The best safety precaution is to keep a shovel in your boot at all times.

5. Foil Blanket

If your car breaks down then you will appreciate having a foil blanket in your boot so that you can stay warm while you wait for roadside assistance. Hypothermia is no joke. Ideally, you should keep one foil blanket in your car for each passenger that you routinely carry.

6. High Vis Vest

You should have a high vis vest in your car all year round, but it becomes even more important in the winter months because you are more likely to be using your car while visibility is poor.

7. Warning Triangle

Warning triangles are another thing that you should try to keep with you at all times, and once again, they are particularly important in the winter. In many European countries it is compulsory to carry one in your car, although this is not currently the case in the UK. The combination of poor visibility and a high likelihood of the roads being wet or icy means that it is important to have a warning triangle on hand to alert motorists to a hazard should you break down by the side of a busy road.

8. Wind-up Torch

A wind-up torch will come in handy if you break down at night, or even if you drop something in your car. A battery operated torch is a decent substitute, but if you have a wind-up torch then that's one less thing you need to worry about.

9. Thick Clothing

Keep some thick, heavy clothing in your boot so that you have something to put on if you are stuck in the cold for any length of time. This is particularly important if you work in an office with a dress code. You may head off in the morning thinking the weather is quite mild, but you could be travelling home in sub-zero conditions.

10. First Aid Kit

A basic, fully stocked first aid kit is something that should be a permanent fixture in your glove compartment. If you use something in your first aid kit, replace it immediately. Hopefully you will never need anything more sophisticated than a plaster or an antiseptic wipe, but the one day you do need to open your first aid kit you will be glad you had it.