How Do Car Snow Socks Work?

Snow socks give your wheels a better grip. They work because dry snow and ice adheres to the textile surface of the socks, helping to produce more friction. The socks are designed to draw away any water that is trapped between the tyre and the road too, again decreasing the risk of your wheels losing traction. It is important to note that just like snow chains, snow socks are only intended for use on roads with a lot of snow and ice. Once you reach a clear road, the socks should be removed, otherwise the friction from the hard tarmac will shred the socks and they will quickly fall apart.

Fitting Snow Socks

Snow socks are easier to fit and lighter than snow chains. In fact, fitting a snow sock is a lot like pulling a sock on to your own feet - they are a piece of fabric that is simply pulled over the wheels of your car.

Snow socks are sold in pairs, and they are designed to be fitted only to the wheels that are driven. If you are driving a 4WD vehicle then you will need two pairs of socks.

Note that snow socks come in several different sizes, so you will need to buy the right size for your car.

When to Use Snow Socks

Snow socks are light, portable, and affordable. Every motorist should carry a set of them in their car boot during the winter months. Snow socks are a good investment for motorists who do not live in an area that sees enough snow to make it worth changing to a full set of winter tyres. The socks can be kept for emergency use, and fitted if the road conditions get bad enough.

Snow socks are quite fragile, and will rip and break down if you try to use them on a road that is not covered in ice and snow. Think of them as soft snow chains - designed to get you out of difficult conditions, and then be removed.