As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, the roads can become more hazardous. Frost, ice and snow mean that you need to take extra car in maintaining and driving your vehicle. The best way to handle the change is to prepare for winter driving.

Therefore we have provided you with an easy to use winter driving checklist which includes all the things you need to do, check and carry for car maintenance and emergency situations.

This checklist has been designed so that you can print it off and keep it in your vehicle for continual reference.


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Before Driving

Prior to getting in the car, these are some things that you should check to make sure your vehicle is ready for the journey.

All the Lights Are Working

You will naturally need to use your lights more in winter due to longer nights and potential storms. Therefore it is a good idea to check that they are all working. To check your brake lights, you can ask a friend for assistance or point the back of your vehicle to a reflective surface (such as a window) and check the reflection through your rear view mirror.

Antifreeze Is Topped Up

Your antifreeze reduces the freezing point of water-based liquids. By using this in your car, it defends your engine and pipes from cracking (which would be expensive to repair).

Battery Is Charged

Winter driving puts more strain on your car battery due to the higher use of lights, heating and windscreen wipers, so batteries are more likely to fail in winter.

Fuel Is Topped Up

You should always be aware of your fuel levels, however in winter you are likely to use more fuel due to poor road conditions, higher electrical loads, traffic jams and slower journeys so make that extra fuel check.

Tyres Are Correctly Inflated with Good Tread

Steady drops in temperature over the winter months can affect tyre pressure, so regularly check that your tyres are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended level. Test tyre tread with a tread depth gauge. Ensure that tyre tread is at least 3mm, as better tread means safer winter driving.

Screen Wash Is Topped Up

Due to rain, snow and the salt on the roads, you are likely to need to clean your windscreens regularly in winter. Therefore make sure that you have enough screen wash to last your through your journey.

You And Your Family

As the weather is colder, you will need to wrap up and have the right clothes ready for leaving the vehicle. We recommend considering the following items as these will become essential if you find yourself outside the vehicle in the cold:

The Journey

When driving and in case you get lost or break down, these are some items that you will be glad to have in your vehicle:

Winter Driving Maintenance

To keep your car moving and to help in emergency situations, we recommend that you pack the following items in your car. These items are all readily available in our winter driving kits:

We hope you have found this winter driving checklist helpful. Driving in winter can be treacherous but in many cases following this checklist for preparation and maintenance will ensure that you are well equipped for the winter months. However, please remember that if the driving conditions become extremely adverse we recommend that you reconsider the necessity of your journey.