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RAC Winter Car Kit Standard

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Our standard winter car kit includes the basics for de-frosting your car on a winter morning.
  • Ideal starter kit    
  • Perfect for defrosting the car    
  • Windscreen Cover reduces frost
  • Storage bag included

Product description

Winter Car Kit Standard

We’ve re-designed our popular winter car kits range to create a new selection of kits for dealing with snow and ice. British winters can throw some pretty unpleasant weather at motorists; and it’s important that you are prepared. As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, we will once again wake up to frosty mornings and face scraping away at the windscreen to clear frost and ice. You’ll need a good de-icer and ice-scraper to hand in order to quickly defrost your car. Therefore make sure that you pack an ice and snow kit in your car with the essential items to keep you safe and warm if you break down in bad weather.

Which kit is best for you?

To help you make the best choice we’ve included a quick summary of our other winter car kits below.

RAC Winter Car Kit Standard - This is our entry level kit that contains the daily basics for keeping your car clear of frost and ice.

RAC Winter Car Kit Advanced - This is the kit we recommend for most drivers - it includes additional items such as an, emergency blanket, torch and snow shovel. These will help in a breakdown.

RAC Winter Car Kit Ultimate - Our ultimate kit includes all the essentials in addition we’ve included a snow brush, show grips, de-ice salt, blankets and hand warmer packs for two people.

What’s included in the RAC Winter Car Kit Standard?

Our standard kit includes the following items:

  • Trigger de-icer 500ml
  • Screenwash 1 litre
  • Windscreen frost cover
  • 3-in-1 ice scraper
  • De-mist pad
  • Nylon drawstring storage bag

Note: Contents & product brands are subject to change without notice. Items pictured are for illustration only.

It’s important to carry essential items in your car to make winter driving easier, and safer. We a full range of winter driving products for motorists including:

4 out of 5
Easy to order. Delivery very prompt
5 out of 5
great quality items, does everything to keep you moving, best de-icer i have ever used.

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