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Up to £40 off RAC Garage Shelving

Up to £40 off RAC Garage Shelving

Organise your workshop this autumn with our shelving range.

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Workshop & garage tools

Kit out your workshop with a selection of affordable, top quality tools and high performance machines from the RAC online store.

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Workshops and tools

At the RAC we have everything you need to kit out your garage or workshop, including furniture, tools and accessories. Whether you are looking for a simple toolbox, a selection of power tools, or sophisticated machinery for metal work, you will find the equipment that you need on our website.

If you want to do a good job of working on your car, then you should choose the best tools. Do not try to improvise or use tools in a way that they were not intended. Working with heavy equipment, welding and cutting metal can be dangerous. For your own safety you should choose high quality equipment and look after it carefully.

We offer jacks, stands and welding equipment, cables, winches, trucks and trolleys that will keep you safe when working with or moving heavy items. In addition, we have a good selection of grinders, sanders and drills as well as vices and clamps.

You should service all of your equipment regularly to make sure that it is safe to use and operating as efficiently as possible. To that end, we sell lubricants, testers, filters, replacement drill bits, hoses, pads and filters, and a full range of hand-held tools. Everything we offer is new and fully guaranteed, so that you can work with confidence.

Whether you are looking to fully kit out a garage, or simply want some extra items for your in-car tool box, you will find every tool you need, as well as maintenance manuals for most popular cars, in our online store.