Car mats: refresh, protect & add resale value

Car mats are one of the best ways to protect your car’s floors, give an instant interior face-lift, and enhance resale value.

Without protection standard factory floor mats can quickly become ingrained with dirt, grease, stains and other unmentionables. Leave it too long and you will never fully restore them.

The floors of a car can have a hard life – with children or adults spilling food and drink, muddy feet and pets getting in and out, as well as all the other stuff that often finds its way inside our car such as bags of garden compost and home improvement supplies. It’s little wonder they become tired looking and grubby.

Quality fitted car mats can help prevent all of these things from damaging the floors of your car. And while most cars come with car mats, they do wear out over time. Fitting new car mats help prevent long term damage to your carpeting and extends its life.

When selling a house we make great efforts to add appeal, usually by embarking on a mega spring clean, redecorating and tidying up the garden, in order to give us the edge over similar properties on the market. Selling a car or getting the best trade-in price should be no different.

But be aware, there are car mats, and there are car mats! Many off the shelf, “one size fits all” car mats may at first glance look great and help give that new-car smell of freshness so appealing to buyers, but this illusion is often short lived as they rarely give the 100% protection needed.

Unless you fit a car mat specifically designed for your make and model you may find they slide about or curl up at the edges – creating a hazard where you risk getting your feet trapped under these curled edges preventing you reaching the pedals; a potentially dangerous scenario to be avoided at all costs.

RAC tailored car mats are guaranteed to be a perfect fit for your car. We produce car mats at reasonable prices, and have mats to suit every budget – from standard to super deluxe; they all have one thing in common – Quality.

Our standard mats are a great entry level mat that provides a low cost route to refreshing your car’s interior, and our deluxe mats are made from the same material that manufacturers fit in their new cars.

Our ultra deluxe mats are the type you find only in high end vehicles. These mats feature deep pile carpet material similar to that typically used in home furnishing – car mats that really stand out and do.

We also offer hard wearing 3mm tailored rubber mats. These mats are the last word in durability. If your car has a tough life, with pets and muddy boots etc., these waterproof mats may be the answer to protecting your cars interior.

All of our car mats (with the exception of the ultra deluxe, which is simply too thick to stitch through) can be embroidered with custom text. Personalised car mats add a touch of originality to your car’s interior, and make a great gift.

We all want to get the best out of our car, keep it looking clean, smart and maintain its appeal and resale value. For these reasons most drivers protect their cars by fitting quality mats, easily removable and cleanable – a wise investment.

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