Has my Car Battery Died?

A dead car battery being jump started.

Your car battery is the most essential part of your vehicle. Once the battery is ‘flat’ or ‘dead’ the vehicle will no longer function.  If you are struggling to start your car, it is highly likely there is a problem with the battery. Being able to acknowledge when your battery has died, makes it easier to solve the problem.  A working battery recharges as you drive, however if your battery is faulty it will not be able to retain its charge.

Your car battery on average needs to be replaced every 3 to 5 years. If you have an old car battery it is likely that your battery won’t be holding charge as well in cold weather conditions, which could make it become harder to start your vehicle. If there is visible damage to the battery cell such as cracking, bubbling or warping it is recommended that you get it replaced as soon as possible to prevent damaging your vehicle. If you simply left your headlights or interior lights on this may cause a flat battery and it will need to be recharged using a battery charger.

In the cold winter months, your car battery is placed under significantly more pressure. The demand on your battery is greater due to using more energy to activate your heater, headlights, windscreen wash and wipers. Along with in the cold temperatures your battery can’t operate at full capacity or hold the charge as well which makes it harder to start your car after it has been stood overnight.

If you are struggling to start your car regularly it is advised, try manually charging it with a battery charger and check for any damage. If the problem persists, see an expert at your local garage as it may need replacing.

A well known myth is that leaving your car stood on concrete will cause energy to leak out your battery. This theory however, does not apply to modern day cars and will not damage them in any way but it was once the case with the first acid lead batteries as they were made up of glass cell that contained in tar lined wooden boxes. A damp concrete floor could cause the wooden boxes to swell and crack the glass cells inside.

Car batteries that are manufactured for our modern cars of today are made up for hard plastic therefore are not harmed my concrete flooring.  In fact, modern day vehicles can benefit from concrete flooring as this acts as a thermal buffer that prevents the battery being damaged.

When your vehicle is not being used, your battery is not charging. Your battery will be charged from the last time you drove your car but due to it being stationary for a long period of time the battery will slowly withdraw energy and lose charge.

If you notice any signs that your battery is failing turn off all devices in your vehicle and try to dip the clutch when starting your car, make sure you leave it a few minutes before you try this again.

Battery conditioners and chargers can be fitted to your vehicle to monitor your batteries performance to prevent you from being caught out by a ‘flat’ or ‘dead’ battery.

There are multiple reasons why a battery will die, however we guarantee that our quality batteries will be long lasting as they are compatible to specific vehicle makes and models whilst suiting its electronic components and motorists driving styles.

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