In-car WiFi: The essential advice and tips

The reliance on smartphones is constantly growing in the UK, from reading the news, being in constant contact with friends or to getting from A to B.  Whilst people are traveling or commuting via bus or train, there is often a quality connection to Wi-Fi. So, why shouldn’t this be the same whilst you are traveling in a car? After all, it is likely that you spend a large proportion of your time in your vehicle, whether it being while you are constantly moving or being stuck in traffic, smartphone usage never stops.

As smartphone networks offer plans that include a fair amount of 3G and 4G, you are probably wondering why you need Wi-Fi in your car. If you travel a lot, it is the perfect investment as signal is often lost whilst you are travel in rural areas and on motorways.

It can be used for both practical and entertainment solutions, if you rely on your smartphone to reach your destination, you can guarantee that it won’t cut out half way through the journey. You can make your journey much more enjoyable by streaming videos and music.

In car Wi-Fi is completely legal, however, as you are probably aware, it is illegal to use any device without a handsfree set. This should not be an issue as most smartphones have voice recognition functions.

So, in car Wi-Fi, how does it work? There are three options that you can choose from which are using a MiFi wireless router, built in telematics or via a 4G LTE connection.

The newest option which was introduced around 2 years ago, is the MiFi option. You need to contact your mobiles network and purchase a MiFi router, then you will get a monthly fee or contract with it. Then you are good to go with instant internet access, it really is that simple.

The second option is from cars with built in Wi-Fi, as modern vehicles often have it already built in. The built in-schematics allow you to completely make calls hands free and adjust your music.

The 4GE LTE option is similar to other mobile hot spots but it provides 4G speeds, however vehicle manufacturers are only just starting to tap into it.

In-car Wi-Fi is becoming more of a necessity rather that another added option as we greatly rely on our smartphones.

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