What is a dash cam?

As the integration and need for high tech in modern vehicles is constantly growing, you are probably looking for some clarification on what their benefits are and how they can improve your driving experience. In the past 3 to 5 years the consumer demand for dash cams has surged to try and combat the growing amount of fraudulent insurance claims.

They serve a much narrower purpose than other gadgets, but they are one of the most useful providing you with quality video evidence in the case of an accident or incident. The footage can be used to settle disputes about who was at fault.

One of the main questions asked is, how do they differ from a normal camera? Firstly, they have been developed to seamlessly integrate with the vehicles existing electronic devices by running on 12V DC they can simply be attached to your rear-view mirror, windshield or dashboard due to their small size.

They will be permanently running whilst the vehicle is in full motion and some dash cams have integrated features to record even when the engine is turned off. They can overwrite old data if it isn’t useful, however if the motorist wants to keep it, they simply need to press save.

As the footage is saved straight to its server, you cannot be accused of modifying the footage.

After the footage, has been recorded, you can upload it to your smartphone or PC to use it as evidence.

Depending on your budget, the sophistication level of the camera can differ.

Dash cams usually can be hardwired into the vehicles electronic system; however, you don’t need to worry about this, our patrols can fit them for you whether you’re at work or at home.

The impressive features that are included in the best dash cams go beyond their core function, such as lane departure detection, collision detection and velocity change detection. The more advanced dash cams can be used to capture the most unforgettable travel moments.

They are a great money saving solution as they could reduce insurance premiums and often can alert you when you are approaching speed cameras to prevent you from gaining hefty speeding fines and points on your licence. However, this function is illegal in other European countries, so ensure you disable it before you begin to drive around specific countries.

Compare our dash cams to see which is most suitable for your specific budget and requirements. We guarantee that each one contains technology of the highest spec to deliver to the clearest results possible. It will be one of the most invaluable investments that you ever make.


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