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Snow socks

Snow socks

Now £49.95 a pair

Keep a pair of snow socks in your boot this winter so you won't get stuck in the snow on those essential journeys. Ideal for getting to or from work.

Why buy snow socks?

  • Easy to fit in minutes
  • Drive easily on snow
  • Compact for storage in the boot
  • Perfect for getting home
  • Storage bag & gloves included

Ordering a pair is easy; just enter your registration number and we'll match the right snow socks for your car1

Enter registration to find snow socks for your vehicle

If you order a set of snow socks from the RAC Shop and find that they don't fit your tyres, make a note of your tyre size and give us a call. We will pay the return delivery postage costs and send you new Snow Socks with no delivery charges. 1 We match snow socks based on the standard factory fit wheels and tyres for your car. If you’ve fitted different wheels and tyres you can manually choose the right size here

What are snow socks?

Snow socks for cars are an affordable and effective way of improving your driving control on local roads in snowy or icy weather conditions.

In essence, snow socks are textile covers that are worn over your driving tyres to give extra grip in ice and snow on un-gritted roads. While not as effective as snow chains in severe winter driving conditions, snow socks do provide more grip than your regular summer tyres and are an inexpensive alternative to winter tyres for short driving distances on smaller roads that have not been gritted.

Simply slip the ‘socks’ over your two front tyres and wheels quickly and easily when you require a little extra driving control. As you can fit them yourself very easily, you can avoid the additional expense of tyre fitting and removal that you would face if switching between summer and winter tyres. In order to wrap them fully over the whole tyre, you may need to move the car slightly back and forth to get underneath the wheel, but the entire fitting process should only take a matter of minutes. Therefore, snow socks are a great solution for enabling you to make those essential journeys even if you are caught out in a sudden snowfall, especially as they can be easily stored in your car boot so that you can always be prepared should the weather turn icy.

Much easier to fit and remove than snow chains, snow socks work by collecting dry snow and ice on the surface of the socks, which is coated with fibres that have been arranged at right angles to the direction of travel in order to provide traction and maximise the friction contact with the ground.

Snow socks are also designed to wick away any water from melting snow and ice that is found between the surface of the road and the tyre to help prevent slipping and skidding.

Snow socks can be used time and time again and take up minimal space in your car boot. However, they will not last very long if they are used on gritted roads as the tarmac will cause them to fall apart so they must be removed before you start driving on a tarmac surface. This is also important to remain compliant with the minimum tread depth requirements.

Snow socks are sold in pairs and are only needed on the driving wheels, however, take care that you don’t lose control of the back of car.