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Breakdown & emergency

Prepare yourself for common emergencies by carrying an emergency travel kit and picking up a selection of safety and breakdown equipment, including torches, warning lights and first aid kits.


Best sellers in breakdown & emergency

Car breakdown kit

No matter how new or well looked-after your car is, it is likely that you will experience a breakdown at some point in your driving career. Carrying a basic car breakdown kit and emergency equipment in your vehicle will help you to stay safe and get back on the road sooner. Most European countries require drivers to carry some basic safety equipment and spare parts. The law in the UK is different, but it is still good practice to carry an emergency kit with you.

At the RAC, we have a good selection of emergency equipment for motorists, including first aid kits, warning lights, torches, jump leads, warning triangles and more. Keeping this basic equipment in your car boot will ensure that even if you break down on a motorway in the middle of the night, you will be able to take some measures to protect yourself and alert other road users while you wait for help to arrive.

Our range of emergency and breakdown products includes high visibility vests, car torches and breakdown warning lights in case you break down when driving at night. Breaking down at night can be dangerous, so these products are designed to help alert other road users to your presence on dark roads. We also sell Mediwrap thermal blankets for babies, children and adults, featuring a highly reflective coating to keep you visible and safe from passing cars, to keep the whole family warm and dry should you have to wait outside your car.

We also have a wide range of products to help you to get back on the road quickly, such as a wheel nut wrench to make changing a tyre easy, battery booster cables, jump leads, portable power packs and foot pumps to get your car started.

One of the most popular product lines in our breakdown and emergency category is tyre foam. We sell several varieties of tyre foam, and it is a great option for motorists who need to get back on the road after a puncture. If you are suffering from a slow leak, simply use the foam to repair your puncture so that you can continue driving to the nearest garage.