Car Security

Using additional car security measures helps to keep your car safe and secure and prevent it from being stolen. Here at the RAC Shop, we have a range of high-quality car security options available, which include the Stoplock professional steering wheel immobiliser, which is fully attack-tested, so you know that you're in safe hands in addition, it includes a 10-year guarantee. The GPS satellite vehicle tracker has geo-fencing and sends messages when the vehicle or person levels a pre-defined area.

The most simple yet effective car security measure is the use of a steering wheel clamp or immobiliser, which locks your wheel, preventing thieves from driving your car away. Other methods of car security here at RAC Shop include external wheel clamps, GPS trackers, signal blockers and parking posts. Our car security accessories are here to give you added peace of mind when leaving your vehicle unattended and deter thieves from trying to steal your car.

You also have the option to secure coverage for your car by obtaining RAC's car insurance, ensuring protection in the event of any unforeseen incidents involving your vehicle.

Steering Wheel Locks

A steering wheel lock is the perfect anti-theft device which prevents your steering wheel from moving and deters thieves. We stock a wide range of steering locks and immobilisers from bars to full wheel locks to enhance your car security and give you peace of mind. 

GPS Car Trackers and RFID 

More modern technology is readily available to give motorists even more peace of mind when it comes to protecting their car. Installing a GPS tracker to your car would help you locate your vehicle if it was stolen. 

RFID technology has become increasingly popular, allowing some luxury vehicles to have keyless entry, as long as the key is within a certain distance. Of course, thieves have picked up on this and there has been a rise in car theft of this nature. Our range of RFID signal blocking wallets help to prevent this, giving you a place to store your key until you need it. 

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1 Comparison based on RAC Extra European Breakdown Cover against the top level of cover from other major providers as of 16/05/23. For full details visit