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Travel Safety Pack

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Our Travel Safety Pack includes our most popular safety theme driving accessories. Buy and save money.

Save money by buying these safety essentials together

  • Be seen on the roadside in a breakdown
  • Deal with minor emergenices
  • Easy to store in your car

Product description

Save more when you buy these items together – normally £46.93

We’ve bundle our most popular travel safety products to bring you savings compared to buying these items separately. Keep the items in this pack to help you deal with travel emergencies when driving in the UK, or abroad.

RAC Beam Convertors & GB Sticker – usual sale price £5.99

If you are planning a trip to Europe then you’ll need to fit a GB sticker and beam convertors as soon as you leave the UK. This handy pack includes a pair of single use beam convertors that adapt your car for left hand driving (remember to remove them when you get off the ferry or Eurostar in the UK). It also includes a GB sticker as required by international law.

RAC LED Flare – usual sale price £14.99

The RAC LED Flare is a useful emergency breakdown beacon to keep in your glove box. It magnetically attaches to the top or side of your vehicle and has a number of flashing sequences that are visible up to 1 KM at night. It is a great tool for alerting people to your location during a breakdown or emergency.

Warning Triangle– usual sale price £4.50

If your vehicle breaks down then you can place this reflective warning triangle to the rear of your vehicle to warn drivers of a break down ahead. If folds into a compact case for easy storage in the boot. If you plan to travel in the EU you must carry a warning triangle by law (2 required in Spain).

RAC Motoring First Aid Kit - usual sale price £10.95

Supplied in a hard plastic case, this motoring first aid kit contains all the essential items recommended by the UK Health & Safety Executive.

BC Fire Extinguisher (600g) - usual price £8.50

This compact dry powder fire extinguisher can be kept in the car to deal with minor fires.

Adult High Vis Vest - usual price £4.00

Keep this in your glove box and put it on before leaving the vehicle. The bright yellow vest with reflective strips will help to make sure you’re seen on the roadside in breakdown.

4 out of 5
All the products look good, we don't go to France for another week. The LED would have been enhanced had it got usage instruction. A quick call to the RAC shop and they found out how it worked. Lets hope that I don't need to use it.

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