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Winter driving

Stay safe on the roads this winter and keep your car running well whatever the weather with our range of winter driving products.

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Winter driving

Driving in the winter can be hard on your car, and is more dangerous than driving when the road conditions are good. Here at the RAC, we have a large selection of winter driving products that will help you to stay safe on the road. From antifreeze to breakdown kits, we have all your bad weather needs covered.

In preparation for the winter, you should make sure that your car battery is fully charged and that the contacts are clean. You should also check your tyre pressures and treads, top up your car's fluids (and add anti-freeze if necessary), and look over your bodywork to check for scratches and other signs of damage. You can find spare bulbs, batteries, wires and connectors, antifreeze and more in the RAC store. Our range of antifreeze and screenwash includes all of the most popular formulations so you will have no difficulty finding the right solution for your engine.

In addition, we sell first aid kits, hi-visibility gear, warning triangles, torches, and other essential equipment that you should add to your breakdown survival kit. We also have a selection of snow chains and socks for people who commonly drive in deep snow. If you plan on driving in Europe in the winter, you should check the regulations in the countries you will be passing through to find out whether snow chains are required.

Our selection of winter driving equipment includes everything you need to prepare your car for the winter and to stay safe when you make essential journeys in bad weather conditions. Look after your car, and it will look after you.