Brake Discs

Brake discs are an important part of your cars braking system, essential for slowing down or stopping your car efficiently and safely. Brake discs are made from the most durable materials, they work in conjunction with brake pads to create enough friction to bring the vehicle to a controlled stop. Making that upgrade to high-performance brake discs can enhance the response of the brakes, reduce fade, and improve the overall driving safety. Explore our expansive range of brake discs by simply entering your vehicle registration now.

How Long Do Brake Discs Last?

Brake discs can last between 80,000 and 120,000 miles, depending on the way that you drive.

How Do I Know If My Brake Discs Need Replacing?

Most modern cars are fitted with sensors that will notify you when your brake discs need changing. If you have an older car without these sensors, you can also tell by screeching sounds, you feel pulling to one side, wobbling of the steering wheel, grinding or vibrations and the brake disc being visibly warped.

Are Worn Brake Discs An MOT Failure?

If your brake disc is worn close to the minimum thickness required, you will see the formation of thermal cracks, deformation of the brake disc and increased pedal travel. When the brake disc is deformed, they will make more noise and cause vibrations.

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