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What to Think About When Buying a Dash Cam

Installation of a dash cam directly behind the car's rear-view mirror

Finding the best dash cam for your car can often be difficult. But when you get the right one, it offers great peace of mind. It’s important to understand the pros and cons of dash cam features before you make a purchase. And as they become increasingly popular among drivers, their high-tech specs are becoming […]

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Will a dash cam reduce my insurance?

Being cautious on the road is a given, although there are many careless drivers that are putting other people at risk. For this reason, dash cams are becoming increasingly popular with motorists as they act as a 24/7 silent witness that can be used to provide recorded evidence, that can protect drivers from any fraudulent […]

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What is a dash cam?

As the integration and need for high tech in modern vehicles is constantly growing, you are probably looking for some clarification on what their benefits are and how they can improve your driving experience. In the past 3 to 5 years the consumer demand for dash cams has surged to try and combat the growing amount of […]

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Is having a dashboard camera legal?

A dash cam recording the road in front.

Motorists are starting to think more about buying and using dashboard cameras (dash cams) as these can be used to by people who want to try and protect themselves against bogus insurance claims after an accident/incident has occurred by gaining quality video footage. The evidence can be sent straight to insurance companies or the police […]

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Dash cam installation guide

Over recent years, the demand for dash cams has surged, with them becoming a popular item that can be integrated into vehicles to gain quality footage in case an accident arises, which will help to protect them against false insurance claims. We have the most advanced range of dash cams available which can be suitable for […]

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Choosing the best dash cam/in car camera

As the demand for high tech devices is growing, so is the demand for dash cams, especially for those who do a lot of driving. The main function of a dash cam or in car camera is to provide you with video, image or audio evidence if an accident occurs to prevent against fraudulent insurance […]

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Reversing aids and parking aids: Advice and tips

Vehicles parallel parked on a street

If you were lucky enough to avoid the parallel park manoeuvre in your driving test, it is likely that you are filled with dread when there is no other option than having to squeeze into a tight space. We’ve all been there, parking in a space that is so far away from where you need to […]

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In-car cameras and dash cams: Advice, tips and benefits

The road can be a dangerous place, even as the most careful and cautious driver other road users may put you at risk. If you are involved in a traffic collision it could cost you hundreds of pounds to repair your vehicle or in insurance premiums even if it wasn’t your fault. In car cameras […]

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In-car WiFi: The essential advice and tips

The reliance on smartphones is constantly growing in the UK, from reading the news, being in constant contact with friends or to getting from A to B.  Whilst people are traveling or commuting via bus or train, there is often a quality connection to Wi-Fi. So, why shouldn’t this be the same whilst you are traveling […]

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