Top 10 Car Battery Facts

A vehicles main source of power comes directly from the vehicle, meaning that if it becomes flat or dead, the engine will simply not start. This affects hundreds of thousands of motorists around the UK every day, so we have put together our top 10 car battery facts to give you an insight of what can damage batteries, how to maintain them properly and how a flat battery can affect other parts of the vehicle.

Vehicles need to be driven regularly or they will start to discharge as batteries naturally recharge when they are driven.

As modern vehicles contain more electrical equipment it means that they demand more from the engine, however our batteries are made to last, especially the AGM batteries that have been created for Stop-Start technology.

When a battery is properly maintained it could last for up to five years. To prevent damaging it by overcharging, under charging or charging it using a defective system.

We strongly recommend that you avoid replacing the battery yourself because if you make a simple mistake it could damage the whole electrical system.

They all should be recycled as they could harm the environment due to them containing lead dioxide and sulphuric acid. If you have replaced the battery yourself you should take the old one to your local recycling centre or scrap metal facility, however as part of our fitting service, we can do this for you, completely free!

Don’t be fooled, just because the dreaded battery light is lit up on your dashboard, it doesn’t actually mean that the fault lies with the battery, it could be the vehicles charging system. We recommend that you visit a garage ASAP because if the vehicle breaks down, damage to the electrical system could be caused.

If the leads are connected the wrong way, it could have detrimental effects on the electronic system as it can cause the current to flow in reverse polarity. This could result in the fuses being destroyed that potentially could cause the battery to explode.

This is the reason why we encourage motorists to have their batteries professionally fitted by us.

The battery can affect the fuel economy as the vehicles alternator will fight to charge the battery, meaning the added load puts more pressure onto the battery and uses more fuel.

It’s a complete fact that the cold weather can result in the battery losing power, so modern batteries include cold cranking amps (CCA) that give them the boost to start on winter mornings. CCA is the number of amps delivered by the car battery at 0 degrees F within 30 seconds without dropping below 7.2 volts. Basically, the higher the CCA, the better.

A weak battery can have a knock-on effect on other parts of the vehicle such as the charging system and starter as they have to draw excessive voltage due to the reduced battery power.

Find the most suitable car battery for your vehicles make and model, electrical components and driving style at the RAC shop that can be professionally fitted by one of our patrols or at an approved garage.

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