Will a dash cam reduce my insurance?

Being cautious on the road is a given, although there are many careless drivers that are putting other people at risk. For this reason, dash cams are becoming increasingly popular with motorists as they act as a 24/7 silent witness that can be used to provide recorded evidence, that can protect drivers from any fraudulent claims and in some instances, save you money on your insurance premiums.

There is an extensive range of specification dash cams on the market with the less expensive dash cams offering simple video recording whereas the more premium cameras offer HD quality footage along with several features, such as built in GPS, Road Safety Alerts, Time and Date stamps, Images, Parking Mode and G – Sensor Detection. The innovative technology makes driving easy and most of all provides you with important evidence if an accident does occur, it can prove who was at fault. Some insurance companies will provide reduced car insurance for drivers with dash cams, although this doesn’t apply for all companies.

With the increasing popularity of dash cameras, insurance companies are recognising that drivers with a camera fitted are more likely to be cautious on the roads and therefore dash cam insurance discounts are becoming more common.

Dash cams start from £26.50 and can save you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds through providing recorded evidence of a faultless accident. Along with eliminating any blame disputes this footage can be shown to your insurer or police after a traffic accident.

If you choose to invest in a dash cam to record video footage of your journey it is recognised by insurance companies that drivers who have installed a dash cam are careful, confident drivers who want to feel safer on the road by providing video evidence of every journey, so that if a traffic incident occurs they are not subject to blame for another party’s fault.
Therefore, some insurance provides, bearing this in mind offer special discounted insurances. However, this only applies if your dash cam is of a high quality that provides clear and crisp footage that captures all element of the drive with number plate recognition. Manufactures such as Thinkware offer a high specification dash cam that includes various Road Safety and GPS features. The higher the resolution of the camera the better-quality footage you will receive. Often cameras cheaper than £150 will be a low resolution and therefore not accepted by insurers.

If you are looking to purchase a dash cam solely to reduce your insurance premium, it is advised that you contact your insurance provider before investing in it.

In some instances, a dash cam can reduce your insurance premiums, however they are guaranteed to protect you against false insurance claims.

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