What is an AGM battery?

Absorbent Glass Mat car batteries (AGM) were developed for use by the military in the 1980s. Their high performance and enhanced electrical reliability are ideally suited for today’s modern cars that are often heavily equipped with sophisticated electrical systems and energy consuming devices and accessories.

The last decade or so has seen an increase in the number of cars on the road with stop-start technology and AGM batteries – but what does it all mean exactly? In this short article, we explain a little about stop/ start technology and outline the advantages of AGM batteries – how they benefit both the motorist and the environment.

The stop/start system was developed to help reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and contribute to a safer environment.

A stop/start system shuts off your vehicle while stationary and can be restarted once the driver puts pressure on the accelerator or clutch. By shutting the engine off after about 1.5 seconds and prolonging this until it is safe to drive off, this technology is designed to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 5-10%.

However, vehicles with start-stop technology place a greater demand on a vehicle’s battery – and this is where the AGM battery stands head and shoulders above the more conventional acid flooded lead battery.

The AGM battery is cheap to manufacture compared to other strategies used to help reduce carbon emissions, making vehicles more efficient and cleaner. AGM batteries offer a number of advantages over traditional lead batteries, including; 

  • Less expensive – they can typically last up to two times longer
  • More reliable – greater tolerance to hot and cold temperatures
  • Greater performance – ideally suited for vehicles equipped with lots of electronic devices and accessories
  • Slower discharge whilst not in use
  • More durable – greater vibration resistance
  • Safer – no free-flowing electrolyte, therefore no spill hazard
  • More powerful – improved performance
  • AGM technology batteries can typically reduce C02 emissions by up to 8% more than traditional batteries

Vehicles fitted with AGM batteries must be re-coded whenever removed or replaced; therefore it is recommended this is done by a professional.

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